Just had an Amazon order arrive. I usually get one every 6 months or so. I also have received: Rainbow Diary : A Journey in the New South Africa by John Malathronas. Hopefully it's as good as his previous book.
(24 Aug 2005)

I've gone though and updated everything again. My resume is updated and now in Word and PDF formats as well (the conversion scripts need to be improved). I've also tidied up the left hand side of the front page. Hopefully I'll be writing a few more articles this year (I have ideas for 3) so the site will have a litte more content. I'm also planning to get some of the older articles updated.
(02 Feb 2003)

I have gone through and updated the web site a little. searchbutton.com phased out their free service so I switched to Google's Free Search . I have also updated my Resume and Computer Interests to reflect changes in my home network. I am also updating a few other Web Pages.
(10 Apr 2001)

Today I installed mod_gzip into apache on this server. This module negotiates compression with recent browsers when they download text and html files. This can speed up downloads by 50-80% . I have written a little guide to installing the module with some links to further information.
(05 Nov 2000)

usenet.net.nz is now hosting a mirror of Astronomy Picture of the Day. APOD is a great site which as the title suggests has new and beautiful photo or picture everyday, along with a caption and links to further information. The archive of old pictures goes back to June 1995.
(19 Aug 2000)

A new take on the old 'Guy attaches rocket to car' Urban Legend. An anonymous has written a great story that claims he and his friends created a JATO-assisted car which may have originated the legend. A great read.
(19 Aug 2000)

I have posted a list of Open Broadcast Amplifier networks. It is basicly the list the Smurf Amplifier Registry list but I have checked for which ASN is currently advertising them. So far I have emailed the top 10 and sent a note to the nanog email list.
(12 Jul 2000)

Review of Financial Regulation in the Crown Dependencies part 1 covers the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. It reviews the various regulations on businesses on the Islands (all of which are "Offshore Finance Centres" otherwise known as "Tax Havens") .
(21 Feb 2000)

Hacker Wisdom is distilled here. It is a "collection of hackish documents that are amusing and possibly educational" according to the blurb. Very interesting according to me.
(21 Jan 2000)

Nelson Minar has done A Survey of the NTP network which involved spidering up and down in order to find all the ntp or time servers on the Internet. An interesting read.
(12 Dec 1999)