Tip on Moving your blog + Google Video

Moving your blog

A little plea to bloggers out there. When you update your blogging software, move to a new site or otherwise change things please think about those who read your site via RSS.

Remember you have gone to a lot of trouble to attract these people who are subscribed to everything you write.

Thus it is NOT a good idea to just stop your RSS feed with no explanation when you move. We love what your write but seriously it might take us a few weeks to work out you have been quiet. Then we have to fire up our browsers, search for your new site and go though the process of subscribing again.

Over the last 24 hours I've had two of the sites I follow ( Freakonomics and Juha Saarinen (new URLs) ) move to new sites. Actually they both moved a couple of weeks ago but didn't see anything on their old feeds (freakonomics is trying to fix this now) so I only found out when I read about it somewhere else.

Even if your old site won't let you point to the new one a little farewell note with a subtle hint will at least alert your readers to the move.

Google Video

It looks like google video recently got rid of the ability to download their videos as .avi's . They are still available in a PSP orientated format which I seem to be able to play but the resolution is worse than the avi was.

Since the main thing I watched on google video was the Tech Talks of people speaking to google the extra resolution really helped with reading the slides on people's presentations. I'd ask google to provide a higher resolution format but there doesn't seem to be any contact available for Tech Talks. I left a note on google video feedback however.

I suspect the next move will be to shut it down and go streaming-only via youtube.

Posted 2007-08-18