Looking forward

Miniconfs and LCA

A few weeks ago the SysAdmin Minconf got accepted for linux.conf.au and we posted the Call for Presentations . Since then we have got several proposals (with more to come) so I am really hopeful about having a sucessful miniconf in January. This year the miniconf is only one day long due to lots of competition from other miniconfs which will probably mean a few proposals will have to be rejected but raises the average quality hopefully. We'll see how it goes and there is nearly two months before the close of submissions.

Asus Eee PC

A few weeks ago Morgan told me about (and posted about) the ASUS Eee PC . Since then I've been read about it and keeping an eye on www.eeeuser.com which is the best site for news.

The Eee PC is a small notebook, with flash based storage but otherwise standard (but fairly low speced) components (including USB, VGA out, Wifi and Ethernet) with what is initually announced as a target price of $US 199. Recently the price seems to have gone up and the spec of the bottom end models has gone down ( just 2G of flash and 256MB of RAM) but nothing has been finalised even though it is supposed to be released in September or October 2007.

I'm still very hopeful about the Eee PC though. Currently I don't have a laptop computer since the weight, lack of power and price combinations don't seem to work for me. However if the Eee PC ends up delivering then I will be able to get something that will:

  • be small enough to fit in my existing bag and carry about all the time.
  • be powerful enough to run standard apps linux Firefox, Openoffce and mplayer.
  • be cheap enough ( perhaps $300 - 400 NZ) that I can but it for myself as a Christmas present without having to worry too much if I don't use it.

Daft Punk's Electroma

While browsing around youtube I came across a few clips from Daft Punk's Electroma made the members of the music group Daft Punk . The movie itself isn't very mainstream but interesting enough somebody has posted a version to youtube that shows "the full movie, but in 170 odd frames to save you 70 minutes" which works quite well.

A clip I really liked from the very end of the movie and titled "The Burning Man".

Links here and here if the above doesn't work.

Posted 2007-09-01