Computer and Online Interests


I run Linux on all my machines and have done so for about 14 years. It is stable for both desktop and server applications, can run all the software I use, is cheap and is what I am used to.

Currently I use the Ubuntu distribution after having previously used Debian for several years. I find that Ubuntu has pretty much all the advantages of Debian (from which is is derived) plus faster development and better ease of use (especially on the desktop).


My personal domain for my private activities. It is only used by myself and my partner.

According to my records my personal machine was setup as in April 1994 and I obtained on the 31st of July 1995. Darkmere is the name of a song by the group Clannad and is on their Album "Legend" which is the soundtrack from the "Robin of Sherwood" TV series.

I obtained this a few years ago for various usenet related stuff, mostly to do with the nz.* hierarchy.

I bought this domain as part of a project I was thinking of a couple of years ago. The idea was for a sort of cheap domain name (There were all sorts of problems with *.nz at the time) and maybe some sort of portal.

This all came to nothing but I still have the domain. I am ready to sell it for the right price, contact me if you are interested. Please don't make lowball offers of a couple of hundred dollars.


My workstation at home. It is AMD Athlon XP 2400+, 1 Gig of RAM, 12GB Hard drive and a 19 inch monitor. I run Ubuntu Linux 6.06 LTS (Dapper).

This is a Storage and Xen box that runs several virtual machines. It is a 1.6GHz Sempron, 1GB of RAM and a over 1TB of Hard disk. It runs Ubuntu Linux 7.10 (Gutsy). The vitual machines on it includue 3 long term images I use for DNS, Email etc plus several images I use testing.

This is a dedicated server which hosts various websites (including this one) and handles my email and public DNS.

Eee Laptop

In late 2007 I bought my first laptop, It is an Asus Eee PC which is a very small, cheap, flash based laptop.


My Desktop

Window Manager - Gnome
Mail reader - pine
Web Browser - Firefox
Music - xmms
Video - mplayer

My desktop consists of lots of Firefox windows (with lots of tabs) and xterms. I like to have a separate virtual desktop for each task and I open new xterms and Firefox windows and tabs a lot.


A few online projects I use, support, subscribe to or in a few cases help with: