Usenet Related Interests

A few years ago I used to be heavily into Usenet. I read a lot of groups, moderated a few, maintained FAQs, ran news servers, did some technical and administrative stuff and even looked after the nz.* ( New Zealand ) groups.

However I have not really done anything Usenet related since around 2004. The general decline in the percentage of the Internet population using Usenet mean't that it wasn't a growth area technically and I found that while Usenet is still the best way to follow lots of read/write information ( I used to follow over 100 newsgroups with over 50 posts/day average) it's vulnerability to trolls and kooks tuned me (and a lot of others) off.

I am still in charge of the nz.* newsgroups though so if you need groups added or deleted then please contact me and I'll sort something out.