Domestic Blindness
"The inability to find a common object that is right in front of your face."

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What is it?

Domestic Blindness is the term given to the psychological condition suffered by millions of people around the world. These are usually male, and the condition is more common amoungst married men (or sometimes, women) with dominating or critical spouses.

The human brain develops methods of speeding up thought and reasoning by applying filters to the senses. When a person is searching for something they use these filters so that the object they are searching for stands out without them having to examine each object. For example, if you want to find a needle in a haystack you will not look at each straw of hay to check that it isn't the needle, instead you will glance at a patch of straw and allow your brain to filter our the dull yellow straw, so that the shiny, silver needle becomes clear.

The brain of an individual suffering from domestic blindness has difficulty manging these filters that are developed over time. Cases of domestic blindness most often occur when the individual is searching for an object which they see every day. This is because the object has been included in the a filter during other searches, and is treated, subconsciously as just another object getting in the way of the search. Episodes of domestic blindness also often occur when the sufferer has not seen the object before and has a misconception of what its appearance will be like. The results of this can be quite alarming to the sufferer and often very embarrassing. Common examples of objects that elude the eyes of sufferers without actually doing anything include:
  • socks (and other forms of underwear)
  • can openers (and other kitchen implements)
  • margarine (and other common foods found in the refrigerator)
  • pencil sharpeners (and other small items of miscellaneous stationary)
  • books (generally when on a shelf)

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