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ihug Engineering Alumni

Here is a list of people who worked for the Engineering or Operations Departments of New Zealand ISP ihug from when ihug started up until the end of 2004.

Alongside is what they were doing at the start of 2005 and in mid-2017.

Name Employed (up to 2005) Where in 2005 Where in 2017
Craig Whitmore 1995-1997 Systems Administrator at Orcon Engineer at Vodafone Next Generation Services
Jort Bloem 1994-2004 Contracting Developer / Technical Engineer at BGT
Karl Stephens 1994-1996 Contractor IT Contractor
Lawrence Mooney ? ? Mobility specialist at Datacom
Bart Kindt 19x-20x Millionaire playboy Developing Search & Rescue software
Mathew Oram 19x-200x ? Tangent ? Consulting Network Architect & Engineer, Velocity Networks
Anand Lal 19x - present ? Engineering Manager at ihug Network Consultant, UK
Tim Shackleton 199x-200x ? IP Activations and Provisioning Engineer at TelstraClear Works at Vodafone
Leon Strong 1995-2000, 2001-2004 System Administrator at Telecom Xtra Consultant at Open Systems Specialists Ltd
Andrew Stephen 19x-20x ? ? at NZ Post Security Architect at Airways Corporation of New Zealand
Nick Kean 1995 - present Software Development Manager for ihug Fixed & Broadband Technical Lead at Vodafone NZ
Adam Moore 19x-20x, 20x-20x , 2004 - present Programmer at ihug Deceased
David Robb 1997-2001 Solutions Design Engineer at TelstraClear Transport Design Engineer at Vodafone
Matt Camp 19x-20x Solutions Design Engineer at TelstraClear CEO of AwesomeSource, UK
Chris Rigby / Sebastian Frost 1997 - 2001, 2001 - present Senior VOIP engineer at ihug Operations manager at TPG telecommunications, Australia
Bryan Christianson 1998-2004 Programmer for e-mmediate Labs Computer Software Consultant and Contractor
James Tyson / James Harton 1997-2001 Working for Pulse Utilities Developer at Rabid Tech
Glen Wilson 1997 - present Operations Manager at ihug Lead Service Architect at Datacom
Xris Brunton 1998-2004 VOIP Specialist at Datacom Senior Solution Designer at SITA
Simon Lyall 1998 - 2004 System Administrator at Telecom Xtra DevOps Engineer, Foodstuffs North Island
Simon Allard 19x - present ? Senior Systems Programmer at ihug Development & Operations Manager at Vocus NZ
Nigel Mathews 19x-20x ? ? ?
Adam Boileau 19x-20x ? at Asterisk Principal security consultant at Insomnia Security
Alasdair Muckart 19x-20x ? Solutions Design Engineer at TelstraClear Network Engineer, New Zealand Defence Force
Morgan Look 19x - 2002 ? University of Auckland ? Academic Advisor at Te Puna Ako, Unitec Institute of Technology
Nigel Bovey 19x - 20x ? Network Engineer at Snap Internet Deceased
Mike Rooney 19x - 20x ? ? at Tait Electronics IT Systems Engineer at Fusion Networks
Tony Jennes 1999 - 2000 Unix/Security Admin at New Zealand Assocation of Credit Unions Cloud/Unix Engineer at London Stock Exchange Group
Brent Singers 1999 - 2005 Billing Support Analyst for Hutch Telecommunications Project Developer at Kanji Group
Mitch Murray 1999 - 2004 Oracle Programmer for Hutch Telecommunications Application Architect at nbn Australia
Grant Zanetti 2000 - 2003 Systems Engineer for WorldxChange Systems Technical Lead at Vocus Communications
JSR 1998 - 2002 ? ? at Iconz Senior Network Engineer at Vector Communications
Alex Henderson 19x - 1999 Admin at ? ?
Phillip O’ Donnell 19x - 20x ? ? Technical Delivery Manager at Spark Digital
Alastair Parkkali 19x-20x ? University ? Learning & Development Manager at Verifone
Joe Rangi 19x-20x ? ? Deceased
Brent Addis 1997 - 2002 Group Systems Administrator for Times Media Group Network architect and cyber security professional, Network Service Providers
Edward Murphy 1999 - 2004 Systems Administrator at Proxima Technologies Infrastructure Manager, Kanji Group
Leon Chang 20x - 2004 ? at BCL Director, IT Strategy at AT&T
Ezra Fiefield 19x - 20x Oracle DBA at ? Security Consultant at Imperva
Paul Fittness 19x - 20x ? ? ?
Blair Robson 20x - 2004 Helpdesk tech at Telecom Xtra Helpdesk / Tech Support
Paul Joslin 19x - present Operations Team member at ihug Network design contractor in the UK
Graeme Gibb 19x - 2004 Travelling Self Employed Computer Technician
Mark Little 200x - present Operations Team member at iiNet in Perth. ?
Gavin Grieve 200x ? - present Senior Systems Administrator at ihug ?
Juan Smitt 2001 ? - present Operations Team member at ihug Associate Director - Cyber, PwC New Zealand
Marcus McGough 2001 ? - present Operations Team member at ihug ?
Cameron Nolte 2001 - present East Coast Network Manager at iiNet Managing Director, Elise Clothing
Sainesh Singh 2001 - 2005 Engineering Consultant at BCL Consultant at Dimension Data
Brent Martinez 2003 - 2004 MIA ?
Pshem Kowalczyk 2004 - present Systems Programmer at ihug Network and systems solution architect, 2degrees Mobile
Michael Zhang 2004 - present Senior Network Engineer at ihug ?
Jon Hosken 2004 - present Operations Team member at ihug ?
Gavin Hull 2004 - present ? Operations Team member at ihug Voice engineer at Vodafone advanced services